Sunday, 17 February 2008

IIFF4 - Finding Out, Letting Know, Realising

It's that time of year again! Well, actually, I've decided to try slightly different timing this year. We'll have two festivals in 2008, about six months apart, with the first screening on - eek! - 29th of March and the second on the 27th of September.

The theme for the fourth IIFF, to be screened from Saturday, 29th of March, will be Finding Out, Letting Know, Realising. With every stage of infertility comes a new piece of information. Sometimes it's your doctor giving you the good or bad news. Sometimes it's you revealing yourself to a friend, a counsellor, the world, or your child. Sometimes it's just your subconscious finally getting the idea through that you need help, or that you've made it to the other side. These are the moments of insight that punctuate each person's story, and in March we want to hear about one or more of them, and how they've affected you, or those around you.

So get busy! Check the FAQ or email me at infertilefantasies at gmail dot com if you have questions. You have until the end of March tp get your entry ready! There will be three awards - the Jury Prize, the Audience Choice, and the Lucky Dip - as per usual, and each winner will be given the option of either a prize in the mail or, if that freaks you out, an equivalent donation to a charity of your choice.

Also, a quick head's up for the fifth festival, to be screened from the 27th of September: the theme will be Centuries and Decades, Years and Months, Days, Hours and Moments. More about that closer to the time.

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