Friday, 7 December 2007

Third IIFF Awards Ceremony

The main reason it's been so easy to put off having this awards ceremony is this: when the entries first came in, our Grand Jury immediately decided on a winner, and then our audience picked the same winner. What can I say? We all have great taste. However, since this entrant also received a prize in the last festival, it did create a bit of a quandry for me about how many prizes I could give them before having to rename this whole thing "The VeeMax Film Festival". After much procrastination deliberation, and in the light of the third festival's small - no, select - pool of entrants, I have decided to drop the Jury Prize for this time around.

Nevertheless, the Audience Choice Award was clearly won by Vee and Max for their wonderful work The Recipe. It was not only beautifully drawn and directed, it was a brilliant interpretation of the theme.

Secondly, our Lucky Dip Prize has been awarded to Jen for Baby Can You Hear Me? Her story clearly touched many hearts.

Thanks to the rest of our participants, who also did a brilliant job. I will be in contact with the winners by email about their prizes. If you are a winner, and you don't get an email over the next few days, please let me know.

1 comment:

Vee said...

I feel a bit embarrassed. Thank you to all that have voted. I am glad you enjoyed our film.

Thanks again Bea for doing a great job and putting this festival together.