Sunday, 23 September 2007

Halloween Special - Date Change - 3rd November 2007

For those who have to know why, you can read my litany of excuses on my blog (pregnancy mentioned), but the long and the short of it is this: the third IIFF - our Halloween Special - will be delayed by a week until the third of November 2007. Mark it in your diaries - and looking forward to seeing some extra-special entries this time around!


Jen said...


I have just finished my video to document my experience with Secondary Infertility, but I see it doesn't fit into your "theme" submission contests - I was just hoping to share it with your readers anyways, my blog is at, it is posted there. And it is also on utube at


Jen said...

Hi Bea

I've had to re-upload my video (long story) and my blog is private until I figure out if my anonymonity has been compromised so here's the new link to my video:

Bea said...

Sounds stressful! Thanks for the new link.