Thursday, 11 January 2007

Imagining Ourselves

This week an email landed in my inbox, through which I learned about the International Museum of Women, and their online exhibit, Imagining Ourselves.

"From March to May 2007, the focus of the exhibit will be on Motherhood and the challenges that this generation faces. We want to reach out to young women to amplify their voices, talk about issues they face and focus on the issue from different perspectives-- but really looking at personal stories. We would like to explore their views on maternal health, pregnancy, parenting, single motherhood, adoption, relationships, work and family and much more. The project will feature popular content and compelling art depicting the experiences of mothers globally. Simultaneously, we aim to raise awareness of maternal health issues, and the half million women who die every year in or around childbirth simply for lack of access to good healthcare. We also want to explore the subject of fertility and infertility."

Infertility is part of the experience of motherhood for many women, and it's an experience that deserves representation in this forum. The team are calling for submissions now. Exhibits include literary submissions, visual art, music, spoken word, recorded audio accounts, films and animations. Go, look around, get a feel, contribute if you can, pass the details on. The deadline is February 1st.

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